The United Airlines NYC Half Marathon is about six weeks away. If you are a runner of any level, there is still time to join Team Colon Cancer Challenge and train to conquer this amazing half marathon course. So, in a final plea to help fill our remaining spots, read on for 13.1 reasons to take on this 13.1-mile challenge!

  1. It’s in the name: NYC. There is simply no other city like it, and no other race course like this one. When else in your life will you ever be able to run through Times Square being cheered on like a celebrity? NYC rocks. And this race rocks NYC.

    Look! There you are running through Times Square!

    Look! There you are running through Times Square!

  2. Speaking of “number two” – no, not that number two! – colon cancer is still the number two deadliest cancer in this country. But this disease is also preventable, treatable, and beatable. Join us and help spread that message to the tens of thousands of runners and spectators you will encounter on race day!
  3. This race is in March. March is also Colon Cancer Awareness Month. So, hello, help us spread colon cancer awareness during Colon Cancer Awareness Month! How’s that for synergy?
  4. Like swag? This race has great swag! You’ll get a dry fit shirt (plus a team shirt from us!)…
  5. … a super cool medal…
  6. … and a heat sheet. Which means you will look like a badass when you finish. You will BE a badass when you finish!

    This is me at last year's race. Bad. Ass.

    This is me at last year’s race. Bad. Ass.

  7. Runners take better #BELFIES.
  8. A half marathon is a whole, awesome accomplishment. Seriously. How many people do you know who’ve run 13.1 miles? Go for it!
  9. Running a half marathon for a charity is a win-win. You’re doing something great for yourself AND others. Woohoo!
  10. We may be biased, but running for our charity is a winwinwinwinwinwinwin.
  11. Your participation truly means so much to us. With the launch of our Protect Your Butt campaign, we are poised to reach – and help – millions of people. But we can’t do it without proper funding. We depend on you, and we need your help (and your friends’ and families’ moolah).
  12. This race is an opportunity to embrace your inner voyeur and peer into the windows of fancy apartments on the West Side Highway at a slower pace than in a car – or is that just me? Have I said too much?

And finally, reason 13.1: Bragging rights. Not just that you ran this race, but that you ran it with us. You chose to make a difference in the lives of those fighting colorectal cancer, honor those who have won their battle against this disease, and inform everyone else. Because this disease should be on everyone’s radar.

After all, #Belfies can only get us so far!

Seize the moment. Click here to register for Team Colon Cancer Challenge today.

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