We think the event is so worthwhile that we’ve compiled the top 8 reasons you should sign up for it right now:

8. You don’t even have to show up! You can register to run or walk the 5K, but you can also create your own Local Challenge – you can even SLEEP IN while raising money for a worthwhile cause. All you non-runners out there– you can now participate in a charity run that doesn’t involve running!

Tww-9744.jpg7. If you do run or walk you’ll be doing so for women and men across the country. When you see the “I’m Taking The Challenge For bibs everywhere on race day, you’ll be reminded that virtually everyone knows someone that’s been affected by colorectal cancer.  You’re running for mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, friends and co-workers everywhere.

6. You can double your impact. Many companies have Matching Gift programs that can double or even triple the impact of your donation to the Foundation. And your employer’s donation counts towards your fundraising total.

5. You’ll save money if you sign up now. If you Register by August 20th, you’ll save $5 with the early bird discount.  And you can Volunteer your time to participate for free.

4. You get help and rewards for fundraising. Not great at asking people for money?  We have Tools to help.  And if you meet certain fundraising targets, you get fun rewards like bags and hats and even a pat on the back!

3. It’s special. There are hundreds of colorectal cancer awareness events around the country, but the Colon Cancer Challenge is the nation’s oldest and largest event focused on raising awareness of the second leading cancer killer. It is truly a national event – last year, there were 48 states represented in the event.

registerbluebutton2. The cause. Despite the progress we have made over the past decade colorectal cancer is still the nation’s second leading cancer killer of women and men AND the incidence rate of those affected under 50 is increasing dramatically. Just 65.1% of eligible adult Americans are up-to-date with colon cancer screening tests. Of the rest most have never been screened at all. We clearly have more work to do.

1. The impact. The money raised by the Colon Cancer Challenge has a huge impact on our ability to continue our life saving public awareness, screening and prevention and research programs focused on identifying the Cause, more effective Care and A Cure for this devastating disease.   So know that your fundraising is not only going to a worthwhile cause, but it’s truly making a difference.

We hope to see you out there on October 1!



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