Susie's Cause: Susan Cohan Cancer Foundation
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The National Voice of Colon Cancer
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About Us

The Colon Cancer Foundation (Susie’s Cause) began with one woman’s extraordinary fight against colon cancer, and in less than a decade has established itself as the national voice of colon cancer.

Susan Cohan was just forty years old and the mother of two young children when she heard the devastating words “You have colon cancer.” With grace and dignity she spent the next two years fighting for her life but never losing sight of the needs of others. Despite her own suffering, she was always most concerned for the wellbeing of her family and friends, and with finding a way to spare others the anguish and grief this disease had wrought upon her family.

Susan found it unacceptable that an estimated 150,000 people are diagnosed with colon cancer and almost 50,000 men and women die from the disease each year. For cancers affecting both men and women colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related death. Tragically, 50% of cases could be prevented by simple lifestyle changes and 95% of cases cured if detected early. Susan knew she had to do something. Together with her father David Rodman Cohan, she founded the Colon Cancer Foundation.

It was Susie’s vision that the foundation would be the international leader in colon cancer prevention, support and treatment. That through its efforts to educate people of all ages, encourage prevention and increase screenings, it would prevent unnecessary suffering and deaths from colon cancer. She also envisioned the foundation being a source of support for those facing colon cancer, their families and friends, and for those researching ways to more successfully treat this disease.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Susie’s family, friends and the many generous supporters who share our passion for battling colon cancer, Susie’s Cause—named to honor Susan and remind us of her faith, courage and adamant desire to help everyone—has been successfully bringing this vision to life since 2004. Just as Susie imagined it would, the foundation’s innovative outreach programs have touched thousands of lives and led to significant increases in colon cancer screenings.

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