Have you heard of Giving Tuesday before? It’s the perfect time to show your support for the Colon Cancer Foundation by making a quick and easy donation. Giving Tuesday occurs on the Thursday after Thanksgiving, which means it lands on Dec. 3, 2019, this year. Join the millions of Americans across the country who are showing support for the communities they care about by donating on Giving Tuesday.


Why should I donate on Giving Tuesday?

The Colon Cancer Foundation values your time, so we made it easy for you to donate and show your support for colon cancer patients and their families. When you donate through Facebook, 100% of the donations made through Facebook Payments go directly to the Colon Cancer Foundation.


How do I donate on Giving Tuesday?

To donate on Giving Tuesday, visit our Facebook page on Dec. 3, 2019. There will be an easy to spot button that will direct you to make a donation. You can also send us a private message if you would like any assistance. Make sure to donate through Facebook on Giving Tuesday to take advantage of Facebook’s match.


How else can I show my support for the Colon Cancer Foundation on Giving Tuesday?

We understand that donating may not be the best way to show your support. There are multiple ways to show your support on Giving Tuesday. Make sure to share the Colon Cancer Foundation’s social media posts online and tell your friends about the match. For other volunteer opportunities, please contact us at info@coloncancerchallenge.org or (914) 305-6674.