Fundraiser Spotlight: Billy

Billy is an artist that has created comics to get through his journey with colon cancer all the while raising funds for the Colon Cancer Foundation;

“Over the past six months, I’ve been dealing with Stage 2 Colon cancer. I decided at the time I wasn’t going to take this lying down. So I got together with some friends and started talking about my situation; and we decided that the best way to go about it was to raise money for a good cause. For research, and to put something together that we can do yearly. 

I’ve had 7 friends get colonoscopies from my experience and 2 came back with cancer. Seeing that was scary enough beyond my own diagnosis at 38, with that being said. This is the hill (beyond animal rescue) that life has given me. And I hope I can do a tremendous amount of good in that time.”

A huge thank you to Billy for sharing his inspiring story. If you are interested in starting your own fundraiser, learn more about it here:




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