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Jack's Allowance Fund

2012 Gala

If you had an extra $57 in your pocket, what would you do with it?

For Jack Bohn, a second-grader in Baltimore, the answer was easy: donate it to Susie’s Cause.

Eight-year-old Jack is the son of the late Charlotte Bohn, a former Susie’s Cause board member who died of colon cancer in February 2015 at the age of 38. To begin instilling in him some basic financial literacy and understanding, his grandmother—Charlotte’s mother—began giving Jack an allowance in the spring of $7 a week, matching his age at the time. It was up to Jack to divvy up the money in three jars: Spend, Save, and Give. He did so dutifully, through November.

From the beginning, Jack knew exactly where the money in his Give jar was going to go. And so it was, finally, this past March that Jack, accompanied by his grandmother and younger sister Eleanor, 5, proudly handed the entire contents of the jar—$57.50, to be exact, thanks to a couple of quarters he had in there—to Susie’s Cause founder and president David Rodham Cohan in an impromptu ceremony in the kitchen of David’s daughter Kim’s Baltimore home.

Moved by Jack’s generous tribute to his mother, Susie’s Cause has decided to launch a new fundraising initiative honoring them both: Jack’s $57 Allowance Fund. For this fund, Susie’s Cause will be soliciting donations in “increments” of $57: $57, $570, $1,570, $5,700, and so on. Everyone who makes a “57” donation will receive—as a token of our and Jack’s appreciation—a copy of his mother’s Susie’s Cause-produced album, “Where the Light Comes In.”

A lifelong resident of Baltimore, Charlotte, a classically trained singer and musician, was diagnosed with colon cancer in the fall of 2011, right around Jack’s fourth birthday and less than two months before baby Eleanor’s first. She reached out to Susie’s Cause, and her spunky personality, along with the verve, pluck, and even humor with which she faced her illness, quickly endeared her to the organization. She eventually became a board member.

As a fundraiser, Susie’s Cause sponsored the production of an album of cover songs sung by Charlotte, backed by a full band. The album, entitled “Where the Light Comes In,” was released on December 1, 2014 and made available for purchase on CD through the Susie’s Cause website, at, and as a digital download on iTunes.

Our goal is to raise $57,000 through this fund. For more information, and to make a contribution, please visit Susie’s Cause Jack's Allowance Fund.

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