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The National Voice of Colon Cancer
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The Colon Cancer Foundation was founded in 2004, and received 501(c) (3) status on January 19, 2005.  The President of the Foundation, David Rodman Cohan, an international business attorney, is noted for his roles in the formation and development of Charitable Organizations both in Baltimore and on a national basis such as: The Tom Clancy Foundation, The Bea Gaddy Fund noted for its work with the homeless, and the Life Lines Foundation for Native Americans.  David vigorously launched this Colon Cancer Foundation after the tragic loss of his daughter Susan Cohan Kasdas who was survived by two young children.

Since its inception, Susie’s Cause has broken the silence that previously surrounded colorectal cancer.  Over the past nine years, our Foundation has followed a specific roadmap for success and firmly established itself as the grassroots National Voice for the prevention, early detection, and treatment of colorectal cancer. 

Susie’s Cause has expanded its education and promotional programs throughout North America, Canada, and Puerto Rico, and in 2014 intends to begin a global presence.  Susie’s Cause has been featured in nationwide publications of the USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, and Delta Airlines.  Beginning in 2009, Time-Warner in many of their publications (such as O, the Oprah Magazine, Town N’ Country, Food & Wine and This Old House) has provided Susie’s Cause with a full-page public service announcement.  From 2009 through 2013, Time Warner has provided Susie’s Cause in their publications over nine million dollars in Public Service Announcements.  By virtue of Susie’s Cause’s vigorous public service and media campaigns, its educational programs and robust web and social network, Susie’s Cause in its nine years of existence has made significant steps as the grassroots public charity dedicated to delivering the important messages concerning early screening, healthy lifestyles and treatments.  Susie’s Cause has dedicated itself to reducing deaths attributed to colorectal cancer.

2014 Program Highlights

During the coming year Susie’s Cause will be vigorously embarking upon the following campaigns:

  1. Raising additional funds to continue the cutting-edge research and clinical trials that it began to fund in 2013 at the Johns Hopkins University. In September 2013, Susie’s Cause provided a $250,000 grant to the Johns Hopkins University for the purpose of research for a vaccine to treat colorectal cancer. The grant to Hopkins by Susie’s Cause was made possible by a generous contribution to our Foundation by the family of Mr. Chen Zhang, Dr. Bozhong Zhang, and Li Yuan. The research study is led by a team chaired by Dr. Lei Zheng. This vaccine research hopefully will provide an alternative to chemotherapy treatment and ultimately lead to a vaccine cure of colorectal cancer.

  2. Launching its global Interactive Resource Center featuring a comprehensive database for world-wide inter-active communication relating to every aspect of colorectal cancer, including clinical tests, new drugs, new treatment procedures, holistic approaches and global data and results pertaining to the care, treatment and prevention of colorectal cancer. (See below for more detail)

  3. Expanding our existing educational and community programs with an emphasis on our educational Save our Parents Campaign in high schools and colleges and Health Festivals designed to inform and motivate the underserved community.

  4. Adding affiliates nationally and globally.

  5. Accelerating Susie’s Cause’s public service campaigns

International Interactive Resource Center

Susie's Cause is embarking upon a new frontier to establish in 2014 a world renowned center in Baltimore. The Center will act as the international resource hub for the collection and dissemination of information related to the prevention, care, and treatment of colon cancer. A focal point of the Center will be to engage in cutting edge and targeted research chaired each year by a preeminent scientist in his or her respective field. Patients worldwide who are affected by colorectal cancer will be able to communicate interactively with staff members of the institute providing information to help them in making their health care decisions. Two annual worldwide broadcasts by distinguished colorectal experts are planned. These lectures will be broadcast from the Center’s state-of-the-art computerized headquarters.

We fully expect that the Center will be a critical component in our battle against this dreaded disease.

Susie’s Cause is confident that the initiatives that we will be pursuing will have a profound effect in the prevention treatment and ultimate cure of colorectal cancer.

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