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Mass Media Education

The Foundation has recently initiated our most aggressive media campaign to date, a $7,000,000 National ad campaign featuring Susie’s Cause April National Screening Campaign.  Our work and our programs have been featured in various leading print, radio, and television venues.  Comcast/CNN consistently features our programs in a vast array of markets.  Those programs reach millions of viewers and run dozens of times per month.  We are in the process of creating Video On Demand programs to be available soon.  Director Noah Kodeck, listed above, is an Executive with Comcast and a devoted member of our Board.

Our wonderful supporters of our educational programs include the leaders in Pharma, various screening equipment and testing, and surgical equipment companies.  Most recently the highly respected UPMC medical hospitals  and cancer centers have adopted all of the featured programs and are in the process of instituting the Primary Care Education program into their online CME programs.  The Foundation will then approach all major medical institutions to adopt the program as well.

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