Hello and Thanks For Answering Our Telephone Call

We are asking millions of Americans to Protect Their Butt!!

Maybe a friend called you, maybe you were recently Buttdialed or maybe your Doctor called?


Because over 50,000 Americans die each year from cancer of the butt – of the colon or rectum.
And with your help we are going to kick cancer in the butt!!

Please do the following:

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We need your help to – fund research, find the cure and spread the word about Colorectal Cancer. Please donate today!

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Talk to your friends, family and doctor about Colon Cancer! Email us your story. And be sure to like us on Facebook.

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Get Screened!
If you are over 50 or have symptoms and have not been screened – do not wait any longer! Call your Doctor now!


Tell your story

Protecting Your Butt can only happen when we share our stories about cancer, treatment and survival. These are some of our favorites! Please share your story with us … help spread the word on Protect Your Butt!

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Thank you!!