We are so excited to be able to present you with the Colon Cancer Foundation® (CCF) digital community – CRC Connect™, the leading interactive, virtual community of CRC healthcare professionals, advocates and researchers.

We know the value that the colorectal cancer community puts on the networking and educational opportunity we provide through the EAO-CRC Summit™ each year. We are thrilled to build on that value and enter into a new phase of our work together by providing our community members with a phenomenal digital environment to connect, engage and share critical clinical and research information and best practices in real-time.

CRC Connect™ will help us collaborate more dynamically with you, our community members, receive your input on critical colorectal cancer issues and respond more quickly to these emerging issues in a timely manner. This will only strengthen our ability to implement our mission of A World Without Colorectal Cancer and our EAO-CRC Summit™ focused objective of “Putting Knowledge into Action.”

Through the various communities and workgroups, members can gather to continue discussions and problem solving started at the EAO-CRC Summit™ and share documents that will help to advance our understanding of “state of the science”, the early onset colorectal cancer incidence and mortality trends, and our strategic priorities.


  • GAP 1: Family History Ascertainment in the U.S.
  • Earliest Possible Diagnosis and Treatment Through Timely Recognition of the Symptoms and Signs of Young Adult CRC
    a. GAP 2A: Evidence to Transition to Age 45 for Average-Risk Screening
    b. GAP 2B: Assuring Those at Risk for CRC Prior to Age 45 or 50 Are Risk Stratified for Earlier Testing
  • GAP 3: Timely, Effective, Quality-of-Life and Fertility-Preserving State of the Art Treatment
  • GAP 4: How Did This Happen? Investigating the Causes of EAO-CRC
  • GAP 5: Navigating the New Post–COVID-19 Healthcare Landscape

To get a better sense of our Strategic Priorities focused on addressing EAO-CRC we would recommend reading the Executive Summary of the 5th Annual EAO-CRC Summit and watch the video of the 6th Annual EAO-CRC Summit held virtually on April 23, 2021.

CRC Connect™ is an evolving community.  We will introduce new tools in the coming weeks to enhance your experience and encourage your feedback and suggestions on how we can make this your starting point when looking for the latest information, greatest conversations, and cutting edge breakthroughs in the way we apply our knowledge to improve the quality of life for those already affected by colorectal cancer and saving the lives of those who might get a diagnosis in the coming months.