The Colon Cancer Foundation and Backpack Health

Healthcare Management Tool

The Colon Cancer Foundation is partnering with Backpack Health to help those living with colorectal cancer, especially early age onset colorectal cancer (EAO-CRC) and their family members – manage, organize, and securely share their health information.

Features of Backpack Health include:

  • Patient and Caregiver Support: Users can add information and invite others to co-manage profiles and collaborate using the app to stay on top of care decisions.
  • Health Tracking and Multimedia Data Storage: Users can monitor and record vital health information, using images, videos, and audio files to track changes over time.
  • Health Share Cards: The app offers a tool that allows patients and caregivers to excerpt selected health details to be securely shared via pdf, text, or email, for example, with a new doctor, school nurse, or other family member.
  • Easy Translations: Translate health information into English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and French and convey critical information instantly, even without an internet connection.

Colorectal Cancer Patient Registry

Colon and rectal cancer is emerging as one of the most common cancers around the globe. We do not yet know the cause. Data is on colorectal cancer is very limited and yet critical to being able to find the answers.

Comprehensive information on all aspects of colorectal cancer, including demographic details, pathology, and treatment outcome are needed as the management of colorectal cancer has evolved rapidly over the years involving several disciplines including gastroenterology, surgery, radiology, pathology, and oncology.

As a result of our collaboration with Backpack Health and researchers around the globe, members of the Colorectal Cancer Patient Registry community will become an important source of information that can help the development of guidelines to improve colorectal cancer care, participate in surveys and play an active role in research that will lead to answers, new treatments, and a better life for all those affected by this deadly disease – at any age.

Working together to make a difference.

Backpack Health works with organizations like CCF to empower, inform, and unite communities. Join Backpack Health to access exclusive resources, participate in surveys, and contribute to CCF’s research efforts, including the Colon Cancer Foundation Registry.

Backpack Health App Information

Use the free Backpack Health app to keep your important health information within reach. Access and manage your information on almost any device and translate your information on the fly in any of our supported languages.

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