Matching Gifts

You may be able to double your gift to the Colon Cancer Foundation by participating in your company’s matching gift program.  Many companies will match dollar for dollar.  Contact your human resources department and request a gift matching form.  Many companies have an online portal for requests.

Matching Gifts Instructions

Online Matching Gifts Process

If a company has an online matching gift process, the donor must complete the matching gift process through the company’s database. It is very important that the donor designate The Colon Cancer Foundation as the recipient of the matching gift (with the recipient address of 10 Midland Ave, Suite M-06, Port Chester, NY 10573

If the gift is not designated to the Colon Cancer Foundation with the address listed above, CCF may not receive the funds and the participant will not be credited with the matching gift.

If The Colon Cancer Foundation is not listed as a recipient in your employer’s matching gift database, then you will need to nominate the Colon Cancer Foundation as a matching gift recipient.

Please use the following information when nominating the Colon Cancer Foundation:

Colon Cancer Foundation

Tax ID # 26-2884177

Org website:

Important note for donors processing matching gift forms online: If the matching company has an online matching gifts process, the donor must note the name of the participant he or she is supporting and the location of that participant’s event on the form (e.g., Michael Runner, 2019 Colon Cancer Challenge). There is typically a line titled gift designation or purpose or notes on the online matching gift form where this information may be provided. Providing this information is required for the appropriate participant to receive credit for the matching gift.

Paper Matching Gifts Process

Once the donor has obtained a matching gift form from their employer or matching gift program coordinator, the donor must complete the employee/donor section. (If your company matches, you may be able to access the forms directly through the search function on the Matching Gifts page.) It is very important that the donor designate Colon Cancer Foundation as the recipient of the matching gift. The address listed for the Colon Cancer Foundation should be: 10 new King Street, Suite 202, White Plains, NY 10604. Once the donor has completed his/her section of the matching gift form, she should write the participant name, ID number and Colon Cancer Foundation in the upper right hand corner of the form, make a copy of the form for her personal records and mail the form along with a copy of their donation receipt to the following address:

Colon Cancer Foundation

10 Midland Ave, Suite M-06, Port Chester, NY 10573

Processing Time for All Matching Gifts

It can take up to 5-6 weeks for the Colon Foundation to process a matching gift request. Once the matching gift request has been processed by Colon Cancer Foundation, it will be posted on the My Progress page of the participant’s Participant Center, under Donation History. To view the donor name associated with each matching gift, please visit the participant personal fundraising webpage where matching gifts can be viewed on the scrolling honor roll.

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