Corporate Partnership Program

Our mission: To fight against colorectal cancer (CRC) by supporting research, leading advocacy, and promoting on-time screening through primary prevention and awareness campaigns.

Our corporate partners take raising funds and awareness for colorectal cancer (CRC) research, prevention and advocacy to new heights.

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Thanks to our corporate partners, we are able to continue to work towards our vision of A World Without Colorectal Cancer ™. Each of them is a valuable partner, whose generosity and support is vital to the fight. There is no way to adequately thank them for their contribution to our work.

Over the years, we have developed close, long-standing relationships with our corporate partners — many of whom have been supporters since the organization’s inception. They see the value of their commitment — within their organizations, where each year more employees are getting involved and working to help eradicate colorectal cancer.

We invite you to join our community of supporters! Meet your organization’s philanthropic goals by joining our battle to find a cure.

  • > 53,000 – The number of people that die each year of colorectal cancer
  • Colorectal cancer is the #2 cancer killer. Both women and men get colorectal cancer. You can stop this cancer before it starts. Testing for colorectal cancer can save your life.

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Corporate Partner Benefits

Increased employee engagement

Virtual campaigns and events

Community engagement through a nonprofit

Meaningful goodwill as a community partner

Campaigns that help employees achieve their health and fitness goals

Flexible, fun volunteer opportunities for coworkers, family, and friends

Team-building campaigns and virtual events

Increased team morale and satisfaction and decreased absenteeism

Increase employee retention through meaningful recognition and engagement

Build brand loyalty through cause marketing; co-branding and messaging through social media, email campaigns, and online

Corporate sponsorship opportunities to increase your public profile in a cost-effective manner

Corporate team and creative workplace fundraising campaigns

Events And Campaigns for Corporate Sponsors                                                                       

Colon Cancer Challenges

  • ‘Don’t Get Left Behind’ Challenge – October
  • ‘No Ifs, Ands or Butts’ Campaign – Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (March 2021)
  • Team Colon Cancer Challenge – 2021 events TBD
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Campaigns – Start a fundraising campaign or create an event on your own (or with our help) at any time — creating something that is completely personal to your organization.

Presenting sponsors for October and March campaigns

Early-Age Onset (EAO-CRC)(™️)Colorectal Cancer Summit

Break into new markets through Co-Marketing and Co-Branding opportunities

Connecting and engaging employees through volunteer opportunities – virtual and in-person

The Power of Partnering with the Colon Cancer Foundation

  • > website traffic – est. 2700 visitors per month
  • > Facebook – 12,400
  • > Instagram – 1670
  • > Twitter – 3430
  • > Email database – est. 20,500

Colon Cancer Foundation Website Demographic Breakdown

  • > 23% of website visitors are 25-34 years of age
  • > 19% are 65+
  • > 15% are 35-44
  • > 62% of all website visits are female
  • > Website traffic – est. 2700 per month


  • > est. 188,000 reached per month in 2020
  • > 22% are 35-44
  • > 25% are 45-54
  • > 9% are 25-34

“My work as a client support specialist for Promega allows me to collaborate with cancer research scientists. I have the opportunity to focus on the experiments researchers are doing to study cancer along with learning about the different techniques out there to help cancer research be propelled forward. Rarely do I have the honor and privilege to directly interact with the families who have been or are being affected by cancer. Participating in the Colon Cancer Challenge greatly benefited our team because it reminded us not what we are fighting against, colon cancer, but who we are fighting for, the patients. In order to reach success and stay motivated despite the setbacks, having a clear sense of why will push us through the finish line on this race to cure colon cancer.”

-Monique Richards, Client Support Specialist at Promega

Thanks to our corporate partners, we are able to continue to work towards our vision of A World Without Colorectal Cancer™️.

Corporate Partners Have Included


For questions regarding our Corporate Partnership program please contact our Corporate Partnership team at or 914.305.6674.

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