The Rollin’ Colon

The Colon Cancer Foundation is pleased to offer organizations across the United States a unique opportunity to inform the public about colorectal cancer and the other diseases of the human colon by bringing The Rollin’ Colon educational exhibit to their town or city.

The Rollin’ Colon is impossible to miss or ignore – a state of the art 20-foot, pink inflatable long, 12-feet high, 10-foot long walk-through reproduction of the human colon. The walk-through educational exhibit has been created to inform the public about the signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer as well as the other diseases of the colon.

This fun and interesting multimedia experience provides important health information, helping to encourage colorectal cancer primary prevention and screening across the country. As visitors take their walk through Rollin’ Colon’s three-dimensional interior they will view everything on a large scale, Giant Polyps, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease and the different stages of Colorectal Cancer.

To learn more about the Rollin’ Colon please download the attached FAQ or watch our VIDEO of the Rollin’ Colon’s stop at the Mary Greeley Medical Center in Iowa.