Colon Cancer Foundation Volunteer Content Writer:

The Colon Cancer Foundation is a non-profit that makes a difference in the lives of the hundreds of thousands who are diagnosed with, and live with, colorectal cancer. We work closely with the media to get our message out to the public. We connect with policy makers and decision makers on a national level to change public policy. We also work with independent researchers from around the country to bring fair, unbiased and non-corporate–funded information to the public about timely issues that matter to clinicians and patients such as diet and exercise, family history, genetic syndromes, and colorectal cancer of unknown cause.

We are looking for remote volunteers to assist with our Foundation’s communication efforts. This includes, but may not be limited to, penning articles for our Blog and helping with our Newsletter so we can update our audience on the most accurate and current information in the colorectal cancer field as well as our on-going projects. The volunteer will work collaboratively with the Colon Cancer Foundation’s staff, consultants, and interns who will provide all the necessary information and help to ensure the task is completed within the given time frame. The volunteer must be able to work independently with limited supervision. Communication on projects will be via email and video conferencing. A total commitment to this role is of high importance.

We are looking for volunteers with strong writing and editing skills, who can also manage public relations. A candidate with a degree in Journalism & Public Relations with experience in the profit and non-profit sector is ideal. Knowledge about colorectal cancer is plus, but not required.

To apply, send an email to the Colon Cancer Foundation at In your email, please send along the following:

  1. Why you are interested in volunteering for the Colon Cancer Foundation in 160 characters or less.
  2. Share 3 pieces/pitches you think we should add to our content
  3. 2-3 writing samples of 500 words or less (It doesn’t have to be news, we just want to get a sense of your writing style)

To apply please submit cover letter and resume to