The Colon Cancer Foundation Launches the 3000 Squats in November Facebook Challenge

The Colon Cancer Foundation (CCF)’s 3000 Squats in November Facebook challenge kicked off on November 1st, 2021. The month-long squat challenge is the first time we have created  a fitness-focused Facebook fundraiser since the launch of the Colon Cancer Challenge 17 years ago. 

All of CCF’s previous fundraising challenges have been associated with running—whether it was a 5K or a marathon. This one-of-a-kind squat challenge is the first by CCF where everyone, regardless of their physical fitness, can join in. The squat challenge is not as physically intense as our previous 5K or marathon fundraisers. Remember: regular physical activity reduces the risk of colon cancer by 40%-50%!

This difference is even more critical given the recently announced colorectal cancer (CRC) screening guidelines changes. The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recently changed their guidelines for CRC screening. Now all adults at an average risk of developing CRC are recommended to start CRC screening at age 45, instead of 50. Annual stool based screening (FIT or sDNA-FIT) is recommended. Colonoscopy is recommended every 10 years. This recent change in recommendation makes our squat challenge even more significant in that we need to get more people active and aware of the risk factors of CRC starting at a younger age.

Here are a few words about the Challenge from our Operations Manager, Marcline St-Germain :

 “I’m feeling hopeful. This is completely different then the challenges we are used to, but it’s good to change things up from time to time and so far it looks like we are getting a good response. For a couple of years now, CCF has conducted birthday fundraisers on Facebook but they are different in that the fundraisers just choose to fundraise for us without us having to reach out to anyone.”

Speaking about the impact of the Facebook challenge, Ms. St-Germain added, “I was surprised to see how many people joined the challenge. The group went from a couple of hundred to over one thousand members in less than a week! That reminded me of how big of a platform Facebook really is.” She is also looking forward to conducting more Facebook challenges in the future because they allow many more people to participate from the comfort of their own homes.