Celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day in June

On the first Sunday in June, we celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day to honor those that have fought cancer and won. Colorectal cancer, which is one of the United States’ deadliest diseases, is expected to kill 51,020 people during 2019, according to the American Cancer Society. Colorectal cancer continues to claim the lives of many Americans and affect families worldwide. However, we can work together to honor past survivors and fight to decrease fatalities rates for those that will get colon cancer in the future.


What is National Cancer Survivors Day?

National Cancer Survivors Day was created to honor those that had fought cancer and won. We all know the havoc that cancer can wreak on one’s family and loved ones. Anyone who has a history of cancer is considered a cancer survivor, so chances are there is someone in your life that has survived cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates there are more than 1 million colorectal cancer survivors in the United States right now. The 1 million survivors and their families were affected by the second deadliest cancer, and many continue to cope with lasting effects from colorectal cancer. By honoring these survivors, we can show support and continue to fight to find a cure.


How Can I Participate in National Cancer Survivors Day?

You can get involved with National Cancer Survivors Day by attending a local event near your home. Check with your local cancer treatment facility, hospital, or American Cancer Society office to discover an even in your area. If there is not a local event already planned, consider hosting your own. The National Cancer Survivors website has resources ranging from theme ideas to sponsorship help to assist your event planning. You can also volunteer with the Colon Cancer Foundation to help us fight this deadly disease. For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact us at info@coloncancerchallenge.org or (914) 305-6674.


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