Fundraiser Spotlight: Patricia

Patricia’s story begins a bit differently than many Colon Cancer cases, when a tumor in her colon caused an infection, leading her to a diagnosis of Colon Cancer. Since her diagnosis, Patricia has made a great effort to spread awareness to people of younger ages, who seem to be diagnosed more and more often these days, and has raised over 1,000 dollars for the Colon Cancer Foundation;

“My story is I was diagnosed with colon cancer this past March 5th. (It was a) Very scary time for me. I am lucky that even though my tumor in my colon was very large I was fortunate that it did not spread to other organs or my lymph nodes. I had surgery on March 11.  I am currently going through chemotherapy. 

 I think it is important to spread awareness and as it seems, people are getting colon cancer at younger ages now. I am 55 but recently I have a friend and cousin who were diagnosed who are in their 40s. Hoping by putting this fundraiser out there my friends and family will consider getting colonoscopies. My case was not found through a colonoscopy but pain in my abdomen as the tumor caused an infection. Thank god for that infection.”

Thank you for your amazing contribution Patricia and we wish you the best of luck in your journey with chemotherapy. 

Inspired by Patricia’s story to start your own fundraiser for CCF? Instructions here:


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