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Fundraiser Spotlight: Billy

Billy is an artist that has created comics to get through his journey with colon cancer all the while raising funds for the Colon Cancer Foundation; “Over the past six months, I’ve been dealing with Stage 2 Colon cancer. I decided at the time I wasn’t going to take this lying down. So I got […]

Fundraiser Spotlight: Kelli

After losing her husband to Early-Age Onset Colon Cancer, Kelli decided to raise funds for the Colon Cancer Foundation and advocate for Colon Cancer awareness in memory of her husband until Colorectal Cancer is just as prominent in our minds as Breast Cancer:    It is my pleasure to push for donations for colon cancer. […]


Meet Our New Interns

The Colon Cancer Foundation is very excited to announce our new class of 2021 interns. . Scroll through to learn more about our amazing team!!   Laura Banazek Hi! My name is Laura Banazek and I am an Events Intern with the Colon Cancer Foundation. I am an upcoming graduate of California Polytechnic State University, […]

Fundraiser Spotlight: Patricia

Patricia’s story begins a bit differently than many Colon Cancer cases, when a tumor in her colon caused an infection, leading her to a diagnosis of Colon Cancer. Since her diagnosis, Patricia has made a great effort to spread awareness to people of younger ages, who seem to be diagnosed more and more often these […]

Fundraiser Spotlight: Joshua

Joshua was diagnosed with Colon Cancer at the age of the 36, and since beginning to recover, decided to start a fundraiser that raised over 1,000 dollars for the Colon Cancer Foundation; “I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer on 1/31/20 (at age of 36) in the hospital (after going into the ER on the Friday […]